Common questions

1. What is ZenEyes?

    ZenEyes is a service website for home surveillance. It provides you an easy way for home security.

2. How to start ZenEyes?

    You must have at least an IP Camera which is compatible with ZenEyes and then you will be able to use the service of ZenEyes.
    If you don’t have any IP camera compatible with ZenEyes, you can consider ASUS AiCam.
    If you already have an IP camera which is compatible with ZenEyes and properly set up with an ASUS account, you can start to use this service on ZenEyes!

3. How to link my IP camera with the ZenEyes?

    click here for AiCam setting.
    Afterward, just login ZenEyes using the same ASUS account.

4. How do I apply for a ZenEyes account?

    If you already have the camera cantabile with this website, please click here for AiCam setting.

5. I forgot my ASUS ID, what should I do?

    You can use “Cannot sign in” on the ASUS WebStorage webpage to recover your ASUS ID.

6. I forgot my password, what should I do?

    You can click “Cannot sign in” on the ASUS WebStorage webpage to reset your password.

7. How do the files be generated at the event list?

    You can set up event recording in AiCam App. The files would be generated after some event happened.
    There are two types of events: motion detection and sound detection. The event files are composed of video and audio records.

8. How long do the files stay at the event list?

    It depends on the loop-recording plan you purchased.
    For example, if you purchased 7-day recording plan, the files would stay 7 days in the event list. Beyond 7 days, the files will be removed.

9. Why is there a message saying “there is no video uploaded to ZenEyes” when I enter the video review page?

    Because you have yet to activate the video recording function in the AiCam app and there is no video uploaded to ZenEyes, you cannot use the video review function on ZenEyes. Please activate the video review function in the AiCam app.
    If your mobile operating system is iOS, please click here.
    If your mobile operating system is Android, please click here.
    If you have activated the video recording function but still can see the message, it probably means that your video is still being uploaded and the video review function will be available to you after uploading is completed.

Other questions

1. What is the relation between ZenEyes and ASUS WebStorage?

    Both ZenEyes and ASUS WebStorage are developed by ASUS Cloud.
    Moreover, your ASUS ID for ZenEyes also provides you the access to ASUS WebStorage.

2. What is the browser’s requirement for ZenEyes?


3. What are the existing IP cameras compatible with ZenEyes?

    ASUS AiCam

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